• Meat-free Dairy Products from India

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Govedic - Gir Cow Bilona Ghee

Divine, nutritious and authentic taste!

This ghee is the best in all the quality attributes - aroma, color, granular texture and great taste. Great product and highly recommend!

Ganesh Panchapagesan, USA

Why did I quit being a Vegan?

I had given up dairy produts after I had learned the inhuman practices done to cows like hormone injections, calf deprived of milk, cows sent to slaughterhouse after they stop milking which made me quit dairy products. After I discovered the Hindu way of rearing cows, the respect and love they have for cows, I was stunned. I realised they were practicing true animal cruelty free practices since ages. The Govedic ghee made using Ayurvedic way is fantastic and makes me feel good and healthier than ever before. I wish I had discovered GOVEDIC ghee earlier.
- Chris P. Expat from DUBAI, USA.

Indian Cruelty- Free Dairy

We follow the ancient Hindu technique of raising happy cows by making sure calves are fed first and only excess milk is used for human consumption. The cows, bulls and calves are never sent to slaughterhouses. They live a full life with lots of love from the farmers.

Ghee is not clarified butter

We don't have luxury of having access to real ghee here in USA & Singapore. The  GOVEDIC ghee is fantastic which is made from churning curds from full cream desi cow milk. Trust me clarified butter is nowhere close to the real Vedic ghee. Our family loves it and can't live without it.
-Sander's Expat Family, from Singapore

Organic Gulkand | Rose Petals Jam

Govedic is a perfect blend

Had tried Govedic Gulkand ....its really something different.....never had before like this .....mostly others are loaded with sugar but this Govedic is perfect blend of rose petals and sugar .....thank you

- Asmita Bane, Entreprenuer, India

  • Damascus Rose Water

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Damascus Rose Water

Damascus Rose Water

Sandalwood Attar | Premium

Made using traditional Indian process of hydro-distillation from the wood of Indian Sandalwood tree

Organic Khandsari Muscovado Sugar

No Sugar Chyawanprash - Immunity Booster

Dry Fruits and Vegetables

The finest selection of Organic fruits and vegetables for breakfast table! Completely naturally grown and without any residue , these dry fruits and veggies are perfect for a healthy diet.

Raisins - Seedless

Dried Tomatoes

Organic Indian Spices - Coming Soon

Grade A | Vanilla Pod & Extract

Indian origin and contains higher vanillin than Madagascar & Indonesia beans.

Vanilla Extract | All Natural

Vanilla Beans | Organic

About Us

We have been exporting India's finest products across the world since 2020.  After careful study of Hindu way of raising desi cows we bring to you finest organic and animal cruelty free products delivered at your doorstep, across the world. Our mandates for the farmers are strict and monitored frequently to ensure zero cruelty, zero adulteration and highest product standards..