All about the 'Gulab' in our Gulkand...

The 'Gulab' (Roses) in the traditional Gulkand have mighty importance. Originally, only the finest Damascus Roses were used to make the Gulkand. These roses aka gavthi gulab only bloom twice a year - Summer and Autumn. You can imagine how exquisite this product must have been back in the day. 

Today, almost any rose petals are used in the mass market to prepare Gulkand. The flavour, aroma and authenticity of gulkand though, depends upon the variety of rose petals used. Not any rose can match up to the elegant flavours that are achieved by the use of gaavthi gulab.

When it comes to Ayurveda, every concoction has a certain reason behind the use of materials used to make it. Which herbs are used, the proportion in which they are used, how long they are stored, everything has a reason and science behind it. The same goes for Gulkand. The flowers which are used while making gulkand have high importance. Just any rose cannot provide you with the health benefits of Gulkand that Ayurveda has mentioned.

Damascus flowers for making Gulkand

Why the Damascus Rose is a prime ingredient in the Gulkand?

Traditionally it is observed that indigenous roses pacify vitiated Vata, Pitta dosha. They are also useful in providing relief from inflammation, burning sensation, conjunctivitis, cough, skin disease, cardiac disability, fever, and general weakness. The flower buds are generally used in cardiac troubles as a tonic and aperients. Gulkand made from the petals possesses mild laxative properties and is useful in sore throat and enlarged tonsils.

"The most therapeutic effects of one rose species named R. damascena (Damascus/Damask roses) in ancient medicine are including treatment of abdominal and chest pain, strengthening the heart, treatment of menstrual bleeding and digestive problems, and reduction of inflammation, especially of the neck." - Source International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharma Research - A brief review on therapeutic effects of “Ornamental Plant” Rose

The Importance of Gulkand in Ayurveda

Of the many derivatives and preparation made from roses, Gulkand is one of the most popular. It acts as a Pitta pacifier it is beneficial in treating ulcers and prevents swelling in the intestine. It is known to reduce excessive perspiration and foul body odour. Daily intake of Gulkand in summer can help to prevent sunstroke, water retention problem (Gulkanda helps in increasing urine output), controls nostril bleeding. Gulkanda is a powerful antioxidant and a very good rejuvenator. It also acts on Rakta dhatu, it is a good Rakta prasadak dravya hence can be used in various skin problems. It can also be used to treat dysmenorrhoea, menstrual pain.

Govedic Gulkand - Damascus Roses only

At Govedic, we believe that traditional indigenous preparations must be made with the finest quality ingredients. We strongly promote the use of authentic recipes and methods. When we speak of Gulkand, we are very particular about the roses used in making this gulkand. Only the Damascus rose petals which bloom only twice a year are used to make our traditional Gulkand. 

We endeavour to be honest towards the traditional preparations which have been introduced in the Ayurveda centuries back. Govedic Gulkand is one such effort by Govedic.