Govedic Bilona Ghee - Promise of Cruelty-free ghee

It is heartwarming to see so many people choosing towards shifting to a cruelty free lifestyle. When a person makes a decision to stop using a product made by exercising cruelty on any animal, he immediately becomes a medium for change. A change that is needed badly in our lifestyle. How can we sleep at night after we. have in any way supported any industry that thrives on causing harm to innocent animals?

 The most interesting and kind way of rearing cows existed in India once. In the past years, the traditional way of cow-rearing has again started in some parts of India. And this way of cow-rearing and spreading slowly. And the best part? It is an absolutely cruelty-free way of keeping cows!

A Cruelty-free approach of cow rearing

If you look at the traditional Indian Hindu way of farming and cow-rearing, you will find love, peace and care in the relationship between the cows and humans. The cows are a part of family and treated with as much respect as a child in the house. They are pampered and showered with attention too! The most auspicious festival of India, Diwali starts with Vasubaras, the day worshiping and thanking the cows for all they do for the human race. The cows are bathed with warm water, garlands of flowers are adorned around their neck and then they are offered with prasadam of jowar bhakris and cooked green beans along with jaggery. 

The festival for bulls - Pola

Not just the cows, but the bulls too had jobs at the farm. They were crucial in getting the fields ploughed. They were also valued for their contribution in the bull driven oil mil which used to be common in every farm. The bulls were needed and respected as much as the cows. In fact the Hindus actually have a big festival that celebrates the bulls and their contribution to the economy and society called Pola! The bulls are decorated with colourful fabrics and jewels. Their horns are painted with bright colours. Even today this festival is celebrated with a great pomp in villages by families who own cows and bulls!

These acts are more than just a practice. They are a way of life. And the traditional Indian farming way of life genuinely promoted peace and well being of both, the humans as well as the cows. 

With Govedic, we want to remind people about this way of living a cruelty free life. When you buy a Govedic product, you are endorsing this belief that cows deserve a full good life. Let's together endorse and promote this message of peaceful living.