Govedic Rain Weather Mitti Attar- India's Natural and Most Authentic Perfume Oil

Petrichor, the word defines the fragrance of the earth after it receives the first rainfall, we all have been in love with how it reminds us of one of our childhood days when it used to be fun to jump in the puddles. The term ‘Petrichor’ was Coined by scientists Isabel Joy Bear and Richard Thomas in their 1964 article "Nature of Argillaceous Odour", published in the journal Nature. Have you ever wondered what causes the particular smell of  earth after rain?

Well, it is due to a compound known as Geosmin. This compound is released by certain bacteria present in the soil which is responsible for the earthy, muddy smell after the rainstorms. It is also said that the human nose is highly sensitive to the earthy odour.

What’s in a Name – Rain Weather

The beautiful appellation – ‘Rain Weather’ has a story of its own. Describing the euphoric, strong aroma of the earth during and after it rains. It is beautiful enough to convey that we all connect and relate to each other on certain memories & it makes us feel nostalgic of the vivacious days that we have lived!!

So how exactly does the Hydro-distillation process take place

Earthernware clap chips are baked in a kiln, then immersed in water within copper cauldrons called Degs, then these are sealed with mud. 

A cow-dung fire is then lit underneath the cauldron and the vapour travels through attached copper pipes to condense in receivers known as Bhapka over a base of oil to form the attar. You can watch the full process here –Mitti Attar

Furthermore, due to the hours-long procedure, most perfume manufacturers in the market today do not follow Hydro-distillation, rather go with newer and faster techniques or chemically-induced processes to extract & manufacture perfume oils.

The scent profile quality of the perfume made in hydro-distilled method is unmatched and cannot be replicated with modern machines or with synthetic chemicals.

Are there any Indian brands having genuine Mitti Attars available in the market? If yes, where can I find the natural, chemical free Mitti Attar?

Yes, Govedic has one under its name and the perfume Oil comes enclosed in a beautiful, minuscule Wooden box that is handcrafted by skilful artisans in India.!!

The product is  free of synthetic fragrance & preservatives, and is sustainable.

Govedic Rain Weather Mitti Attar Unmatchable Features:

  • All-natural, organic giving it the authenticity that has been followed since ages.
  • Has been procured through the Hydro-distillation process which is an age-old, authentic process involving no chemicals, no preservatives
  • Helps in relaxing the mind & body
  • Can be used in bathing, massage with carrier oils, or as a perfume itself
  • Contains no alcohol
  • Contains no added Synthetic chemicals
  • Comes enclosed in a handcrafted wooden box that makes it a perfect choice for gifting
  • Does not leave a harsh scent on fabric or on skin
  • Replicates the Earth’s scent after first showers

What’s in the Box: 

You will receive the GoVedic’s Rain Weather Perfume oil in a Roll-on bottle enclosed in a beautiful, minuscule, handcrafted artistry of fine craftsmen in India, we are proudly Plastic-free. Now shipping across the globe, check out our website Govedic for a wide range of products.

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Govedic- Rain Weather