The Hindu way of running a Meat-Free Dairy Farm

Meat-free dairy farm in India

Cruelty in any way is not alright. Being cruel to one animal while protecting another is plain unfair. And that is a major philosophy that the Hindu way of growing a dairy farm practices. No animals are hurt or subject to cruelty at a farm that sincerely follows the Hindu Ahimsa way of farming.

A Meat-free Dairy Farm

Imagine a farm where cows can roam around freely. They spend time in the nature with their calves. They eat only nutritious organic fodder. They are not given any  hormone injections to increase yield of milk. The calved have their full share of milk and only the remaining milk is used for human consumption. There are dogs that follow the cows in their grazing pastures and are their proud caretakers. Chickens are present near the cowshed to eat away the insects that might bother the cows. Even after the cow stops giving milk, she is not sent to the slaughter house. The baby bulls are not sent to the slaughter house. The dung and urine of these non-milking cows is used to keep the land fertile. People visit and caress these cows. When they age, the cows and the bulls die a natural death. Even the other animals on this farm (including the chickens) are not subject to cruelty. 

Doesn't it sound surreal? Even to imagine such a place is a bliss in itself. Your Govedic Ghee comes from a farm in India which follows all the above practices. When you buy a bottle of Govedic Ghee, you are supporting this beautiful and harmless way of raising cows.

The philosophy of Ahimsa

Ahimsa is an ancient Indian principle of nonviolence which applies to all living beings. It is a key virtue in Hinduism. In true sense it denotes that no living being including humans and animals should be harmed. And it is this philosophy that impacts the decisions that any farmer makes.

The farmers at Govedic are a living example of how to follow the practice of Ahimsa at a dairy farm. The usual routines followed at the farm are completely in sync with the Ahimsa way of raising cows. 

Our venture aims at making this divine ghee available to anyone who wishes to buy cruelty-free ghee. Try it out... The ghee is totally worth it!